Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's Like Before

Yesterday, I spent the day with my mum. Nothing pleases me more. We went to Cineleisure and watched Australia in Platinum Class. It is so luxurious, best gila. It really feels like you're at home only you're not.
Australia anyway, was good. Though in the beginning macam ntahpape but it got real good later. Very heartwarming. I'm not a good movie reviewer so please bare with me!
Plus I really like Nicole Kidman so maybe I'm just biased.
Dinner was next, at Tony Roma's. Again, stuffed myself with food. This time with chicken wings. Holy mother of calories.

Dad got back from Jakarta today and brought a dozen and more Indonesian albums. Niiiiiiiice (!) Have been listening to them in the car. Finally, a soothing sound!

For dinner, we went to Chillies. Had my Mushroom Swiss, a huge portion ain't it. But considering I skipped lunch, I thought I could need the extra consumption. My mum has gone on a diet. According to her, it's a apple and chicken only diet. So far, she's been eating apples and nothing much. Not very sure where or how the chicken plays a part in this diet of hers. I have suggested gym enrollment. For a quick second, I swear I could see some determination in her but the laziness got the best of her. Neh, it's not like I could survive the treadmill anyway.

I can finally get a manicure ! Yes to buffered crimson coloured nails ! And no to period pains and sleepless nights.

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