Friday, December 12, 2008


Hey, I'm back


1 Hotel staff were fantastic. Extremely polite. Made the trip worth while.

2 Hotel FOOD was beyond amazing. In general, indonesian food is really good. Ate at this place and had a bit of a laugh because
we didn't really get the chance to order. They brought the rice and like 10 or more dishes and placed it infront of us. We had to push aside which dish we didn't want. Kinda awesome.

3 Shopping was mediocre. Didn't buy much. But looking at the big picture, for most people, it's shopping heaven. There's Gap for mere 6 bucks. It can't get any better. But I was real picky so I didn't get to buy a lot.

4 The traffic is mad. Everyone drives slow and they don't depend on a traffic light. They depend on a traffic man . My mum was itching to drive and accelerate like she does here. They drive at like less than 40km/h. It's ridiculous. Bumper to bumper crawl all the way to EVERYWHERE.

5 Based on number 4, to burn time in the car, I read the ads there. So amusing how they have 'Ngapa'in?' or something like that. I only thought they said that in TV, didn't expect them to have it on ads. Reading them can make you appear like a real indonesian. I TRIED to avoid anyone coming up to me to ask/tell/converse in Indonesian, fearing I'd look like a moron gawking at them, trying at my very best to interpret them in an understandable language but such things are unavoidable so I'd usually motion them to my mum (and end up looking like a moron, anyway) and she'll take over.

In all, Bandung was just o-kay. Nothing fantastic or in words of dear friends, 'BEST GILAAAAA!'. Truth be told, the food and the hotel were the big winner. Not so much on shopping.

But hey, it's just my opinion.

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