Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My left eye is sore. And itchy. Sounds like the beginning of a wonderful day. Yesterday though, bought the Instax Mini that I've wanted for so long. Used my sister's achieved glory (5A's) as an excuse to buy it. Technically, it's hers, but I plan to claim half ownership. A cardigan from ZARA caught my eye (that's a first in a long time) that reminded me of a Burberry garment. If I weren't so financially depressed, would have bought it there and then.

I have ordered my Eclipse and Breaking Dawn online.. ONLY TO REALISE THEY'RE ARRIVING AT AN ESTIMATED DATE OF JANUARY 13TH. !@#$%^&
Patience is key. But then again, patience and me never mix. Never. Ever.

I'll be 16 in a month ! That's something to look forward to. I think.

I swear I'm a magnet for calories and fats. I've been eating a lot these days. Doesn't bother me but I can't help but wonder why now ?

Speak of the devil, my maid has just announced (half true, she just stands and screams, "COME MAKAN!" and everyone would come down) lunch and I'm off.


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