Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look Right

They have something in common : Crazily messy hair

I'm bored and currently watching Mary Kate and Ashley on Oprah while sipping Pepsi. OH the excitement.

Yesterday was uneventful. Watched Twilight (again and get this; for all the 3 times I've watched, I got the same seat in the same cinema. Rad) and halfway through, made my way out with Iman to catch Bolt 3D. Back to back movies doesn't do the back any good. Got Nando's short after. And THAT was my day. At night, I reread Twilight and paid good attention to my favourite parts. Even writing down the pages ! Currently waiting patiently (maybe not) for New Moon. Been bugging my mum to head to Ikano or Curve for their bookstores. I'm also (STILL) wanting Influence, written by famed duo, Mary Kate and Ashley. GAH. My list of wantings have increased after browsing a million plus one fashion blogs. Shoes, especially. YSL Tribute is absolute love. Hunting for a look alike. If only money wasn't such a problem and if saving wasn't such a hard thing to do.
Some days are spent locked up in my room, listening to whatever music there is on my iPod and writing my fantasies and dreams in my notebook. No, I am not kidding. I'm really THAT bored. I should stock up my books again so that, I won't have to wait (like what i'm doing at this very moment) for another book. I'm impatient like that.

I ran out of things to say 20 minutes ago. Saja gatal nak blog.

Til whenever,

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