Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Escaped to Telawi for some bargain hunting. Only managed to get a light blue buttoned down top scribbled with hearts from Mooie. Twas a hot day, hence the perspiring. Not a pretty sight, I assure you. Stuffed myself with nasi daun pisang earlier, also not a pretty sight. Basically, just keep your distance with me. I was very tempted to buy fringed boots from Moca but comfort is crucial when it comes to shoes and I doubt that with the boots.

And as a Christmas present, my sister bought me Eclipse eventhough I have ordered online. She must have known how badly I wanted to read them. I've begun but I'm trying with all my will power to slow down and not read too fast. I want to savor the writing and the excitement (whatever that means). Though Tania can be a menacing ass at times, she's still a darling. LOVE HER.

Tomorrow's Christmas.
Christmas presentnya di mana ?

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