Sunday, July 19, 2009

Let Me In


Friday was Kaveetha's birthday, that was so much fun :') It's been awhile since a party was held, especially it being a Sixteenth birthday. Freakin cool to see Diyana, Nikki and Kaveetha made a go at the Thriller moves. It's been awhile since we all made a food out of ourselves on the dancefloor. Freakin enjoyed myself, okayyyy. Theme was POWERPUFF GIRLS -.- So everyone's supposed to wear either red, green or blue. I have neither, but I wore the next best thing, a turqoise top. Tecnically, it's green AND blue mashed into one brilliant shade, so yeah man. HAHA

Saturday, since Mak Tok and Pak Tok are here, we celebrated Zaim's 15th (it was a week before, ni tertunda satu minggu) at Shook!, Starhill. Expensive food but not my favourite place to eat. Ok ok je makanan dia :/ But the best part was when they brought in the cake (was it even a cake, it was like one bite's worth of a cake. A fraction of a cake -.-) and they sang the Happy Birthday song accompanied with this guy, probably out from the live band outside, playing the saxophone. Was it melodic or what ?! Was so jealous. Best gilaaaaaaaaaaaa babi, semua macam terkejut but it was so cool. First time :') Nak la next year hohohoho.

Today, went out for dinner at OU because Papa wanted to buy tickets for tomorrow's rematch. And we singgah this camera shop, cause my dad has been following the Olympus Pen, this white camera yang macam digital tapi ada lens gedabak so it was like the SLR camera's but a smaller version. He likes it cause it was first appeared in 1959, his birth year. So kira, it's 50 years old, like he is this year. But it's quite cool actually. Tapi it's like 3k, baik beli DSLR yang macam biasa tu, but that's my dad for you, nak benda yang orang tak usually ada -_- Get what I mean ? BUT yang tak best nya, y'know how the big DSLR's bila nak click tu, dia punya click sedap suara ? HAHAHA, yang ni cam senyap sikit, the sound is there but not as obvious, which is :/ I like the click sound, very amusing. Haha, moving on.
So right, we went around before hitting Chillies for dinner. Went to Aldo, and showed Mama the black suede pumps with the blue platform and she was like o.o Sebab tinggi gila. But it's so !@#$%^& lawa. But my mum showed me this other pair yang macam Givenchy weaved heels. It was good looking, undoubtedly but macam after seeing the previous pair, takde pape boleh match. But it was pretty (the faux Givenchy, I mean) and price dia 'better'. HAHA. Tengok dulu.
Ate dinner at Chillies and ordered Grilled Chicken sandwich tapi datang datang bentuk burger, my mum asked the waiter and he said, 
'Burger is beef. Burger is only beef, nothing else. Check in the dictionary, beef means burger.'

-__- dah fish burger camne ?
Booked tickets for Harry Potter tomorrow and indulged ourselves with Haagen Dazs, nothing cheers me up more than an strawberry ice cream from Haagen. Esok pergi lagi tengok Harry Potter, tak kisah la best ke tak, I just want to see my favourite wizards. HAHAHA corny sial.

I'm going to continue my bm presentation now :/ Nasib dah habis, editing bits now. 

p/s : I have 8 more days more to ganti :/ AND kena start belajar for the monthly coming up. I like studying in the library but at the same time, sumpah tak boleh belajar kat situ. PLUS, i hate the librarians, ada ke suruh orang diam but he (yeah the guy in the batik selalunya tu), himself main PSP kuat -_- bodoh ke apa.

Ok, dah. NIGHT! 

p/p/s : KAREN YONG TURNS 16 TODAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend who is bestest awesomest listener ever. We used to exchange letters and tell each other everything :') WE SHALL GO OUT TO MAKE UP FOR ME NOT BEING AT TELAWI WITH YOU LOT ! Love you long time. But you should know that, already :') xoxoxoxox

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