Thursday, July 30, 2009

My room's a mess, I feel like redecorating it. It's out of proportion, my bed is bigger than the walking space. -___-'
I want a proper wardrobe IN my room, right now, it's outside my room and/or in Tania's room. I want a proper dressing table so I can dump all my make up, perfumes, deodorant etc. Right now, they're all piling up on my not-so dressing table. Heh. I also want a big book shelf so I can put my books up instead of it being all over the house. I want a proper studying table which currently it is not resulting me into studying on my bed which then turns me to being sleepy and end up not studying, hence the results. It connects ! 
And ! I want art and pictures on my walls and I want it all in bold black frames. Flowers won't hurt, I want them bright seeing how everything else will be in black and white. 

I haven't been studying as much as I promised myself to, I can't bring myself to sit down and resist the temptation of twittering (@nadiazainudin, thanks hahahahah boleh promote lagi) and going on blogs. This month's Teen Vogue is quite good, not that it hasn't been but this month, they were some pretty good stuffs. 'A Room Of My Own' features Jill Stuart's daughter who has this amazing Andy Warhol painting on her wall. Damn, nak sangat sangat.

Ok up til this whole MTV World Stage thing, I haven't heard about Pixie Lott, call me 18th Century, whatever. She's quite good, eh ?

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