Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hi. Bye.

Ok today :

I dreamt about people driving. First it was Ayesha driving me and avoiding the police. Pastu she called Izzati asking her how to drive -_- pastu adalah she dropped me at my house and I had to drive myself out tapi tak tahu langsung so a guy had to show me a tutorial on how to drive kat Youtube and I don't know how it ended me calling Tania asking HER how to drive and she said, 'Yeah, I'm coming' and then kan the next thing I knew, Tania barged in my room, opened my door and light. I woke up. Pastu sahur. I love Sahur and bukak puasa, makan BAIK PUNYA. When I was done eating, I was on the internet for a bit and came across this video on Larry King Live where it was believed there was a Michael Jackson ghost. Ohmygod, sumpah scary gila okay. Dahla masa tu I was alone and it was still too early to be considered morning. And the sound effects (Y) scared the shit outta me.
So after that, did some program nilai thing sampai tak tidur. And so, got ready for school.

School was alright. Had my laughs. Basically anything that included Hafeez and Hafiz's share of jokes. Suka sangat ejek Hafiz Rahim hitam. Pastu nyanyi Right Round but in an indian accent. Lawak gila babi, Ila and I are very setia fans, we laugh all day long :') hahahaha

Apa lagi eh. 

  • Izzati described a Giambattista Valli (<- I had to go to style.com to read the proper spelling -_-) shoe which made me fall in love instantly. I feel like buying a new pair of shoes for Golden Night PLUS raya which I totally forgot about but Ila reminded me. What a good excuse ! Thanks gurrrrrrrllfriend (Y)
  • Had agama where we learned jual beli. Then physics about momentum. I hate physics. Hate is a freakin understatement. Tadi punya I understood but then reading the questions macam hampeh. Damn. Then we had history. Oh btw, lama gila tak belajar okay. Today's attendance was 33/37 :') Eh jap, memang before this was like that too but 33 (ok maybe less than that but still!) students were actually in class ! Aw, rindunya everybody :') But I can't say the same about learning. God knows when it was the last time we did a rumusan. 
  • After everyone headed home, I was left with Syaheera who also fasted today. And Aneem had this kitten she found, siap masuk dalam bag lagi. -_-
  • Came back home and plopped on my bed. Slept til 6.15 ? And now it's 7.08 and I haven't bathe. Nak dekat bukak puasa and it's 10 more days for me. 
That's pretty much it. I'm so lazy to go to school tomorrow cause of the fact that I have to wear the pandu puteri uniform. Dahlah lepas tu ada tuition ^&!@*(@

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