Saturday, July 4, 2009

Material Dream

Uh.. ouch. I was so tempted to buy slippers after walking a hell lot in heels. A price to pay for looking tall. I keep forgetting to spare myself the pain by bringing comfortable selipar jepun ! NEXT TIME
Got out by 3 and sent Zaim off to his tuition before heading to Pavilion. There were so many people. Especially adolescents who ranged from the cool cats, DSLR in hand to the ones with trucker hats placed so high they might as well not wear one -___- Went to Topshop and spent most of my time admiring everything. There was this washed out denim skirt which was basically love. And this other skirt in a shade of an almost neon pink with exposed zippers for pockets. LAWA GILA but it looked weird on me so I bought (haha hi Sha) the glittery skirt which shocked Mum for a bit cause it was short but HEYYYY the fact that it was 20 % off was appealing. (Y) All in all, banyak gila skirts lawa okay. The high heels are easily explained in 2 syllables : Gorgeous. But the freakin pig lining had to crash material dreams of mine. 
Moved to The Loaf for tea. The sausage roll was surprisingly tasty and unlike the ones we usually eat. OK tasty would be an understatement. (OH btw, Pavilion banyak eye candy :') Must go more often)
Then, we went to Coach and Marc Jacobs sebab dekat and ILA, Marc J sale ! Jeans for 400 bucks, my mum was surprisingly okay with it. But didn't buy cause I am still in the never ending search for the washed denim jeans which I can never find without one having a tear in the knee area. Paying for something ripped ? No, thanks. 
Went to Mac and rambang mata cause I am obsessed with eye make up as of late and there were so many eye shadows, pigments and paint pots to choose from. AND ada brushes yang you see in videos HAHA jakun gila but whatever. But we were late and we had to go to KLCC and kat situ pun ada Mac kan, so decided to go there instead. But the Pavilion branch lagi besar so lagi syok (Y) Went back after that and drove to KLCC. We went to Marks And Spencer and I just bought a couple of camisoles, my essentials for the next 5 years, I swear. It's comfortable first and foremost but after many washes, it still remains its normal form. Which is a huge plus. I also went to the new Accessorize store and believe me, disappointment gila babi. It's like small and takde la lawa sangat. I actually preferred Diva. 
Made my way to Kinokuniya but my feet were on the verge of breaking into half so I grabbed myself a magazine (can someone please suggest a book?!) and sat my ass down in Madam Kwans. Haha, before that nampak Siti Nurhaliza kat this one restaurant yang basically takde orang langsung. 
Right. I'm tired, night lovebugs.

P/s : Good luck, cheerleaders. 

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