Thursday, July 9, 2009

I went to school with swollen eyes, this was due to me being overly emotional watching Michael's memorial. It was undeniably sad, just cause after what everyone's been saying, Michael seemed to be a kind spirited soul who unfortunately had to go through the downfall of Hollywood. There's this video on Youtube where he performed alongside with Usher at the end and Chris Rock made a surprise appearance with his laughed at attempt of Michael's famed moves. Michael then laughed (literally ROFL, he playfully collapsed on stage from laughing too much) and hugged Chris Rock. I don't know why but it's such an aww moment. I can't say much about Michael because I feel kinda bad being all, 'OMG sedihnya dia meninggal' when I haven't listened to his music as much as the average fan (but I have now because Mama keeps playing his CD in the car most of the time now, Man In The Mirror has become my favourite). 
So yes, moving on. I went to school with my eyes so swollen, I had to place ice on my eye lids to hopefully resulting my eyes to become some what better. Attempt failed. 
School was alright, like any other days. Got my ticket for the Golden Night tomorrow, and I'll be sitting with the Beta gang. Yeay :') 
We learnt Electrochemistry which like any other times in all three science subjects had me confused so bad, I felt a headache coming on. 
That was pretty much it in school. It's quite dull but I'm having fun nevertheless.
Was supposed to go to the library today with Ila but I was too tired from the derived sleep I've been making my body used to.
TGI(almost)F! I need the weekend.

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  1. bukan chris tucker ke ?
    hahahaa .
    tp yeah, sedih gilaaa kn ?
    i pon mnangis .
    esp the part mse paris bg speech .
    my dad gelak i mnangis -.-