Monday, July 20, 2009

Dress Your Shoe Size, Not Your Age

I just realised how much I love shoes. I don't buy them as often, reason being I'm probably the most fussiest girl alive. It's amazing I have any shoes at all, really. I end up buying shoes as little as once in I don't know, 6 months ? Or even more. I never shop online mainly cause, a) it's a nuisance transferring money from this account to that account b) takut hampa beli online and when it's right before your eyes, ada glitch here and there. c) like I said earlier, I'm the most pickiest and fussiest girl on the face of this earth.

But it's usually mistaken that for the lack of shopping, the lack of style. I'm your plain Jane. I don't dress to impress, it's more for comfort (half truth). I hardly shop, and if I do, whatever that is I buy, has to be the prettiest thing out there. It's just cause, if I buy something for the sake of buying, rasa macam tak puas lagi sebab bukannya benda tu lawa pun, buang duit je kan. It has to be material love at first sight. Am I the only who gets it ? I'm not the kind to buy a lot of things even if I got a lot of cash in hand, I rather save them for something expensive but ntah, kena something I really really really x kabillion love. Tu yang susah nak beli benda tu. 
I don't own a lot of clothes but the idea is there. I don't like asking my mum for money because everytime she gives me, rasa guilty tahap gila babi. It's quite wild hahahaha. 
I don't own a lot of things (!), just cause I can't find anything within my price range. HAHA
It's something my mum and I have something in common amongst other things : We tend to favor the ones that aren't on sale. I probably come of as a snob (which I hope you know, I'm not) but I hate sales. Before you 'HEH' me, hear me out. First and foremost, sales benda dia lawa sangat ke ? They take out clothes yang dah nak mati and so floppy, bagi free pun tak nak. And they like to just longgok kat luar. Exhibit A : Zara. Nak masuk pun malas. Everything is out front, all dumped I'm sure and you really expect a size S garment to be on top of the horrendous pile ? I WISH. Unless you're an XL (I'm dead serious here, people with larger figures are lucky in the sense that they usually get more clothes in their size. Ok, tak faham haha), then good for you. But I'm an S and even that can get loose (bukan kurus mana, pendek -_-). So cam frustrating ah kedai kedai yang masa sale, sumpah malas gila, semua benda terabur. Bukan macam kedai dah, warehouse is more like it. Besides, sale pun mahal jugak kan ? :)

I admit, I am biased with labels. :s It's gross, isn't it. My mum thinks 'Just cause it's not from Topshop or Zara*, doesn't mean it's all that crap, Nadia'. 
This is my opinion, I buy pricey things ONCE in what ? A year ? I'm freakin serious, the last pair of shoes I truly loved but were teeny weeny overpriced are those heels I'm guessing everyone dah muak tengok. And that was from last raya, people. And that pink/purple/bunch of colours crossbody bag is a one time deal. Birthday present from last year -_- 
I like to buy things that I know can last me a very long time than to keep buying so many things that can barely make it a year. You get? 
But yeah, if I had a lot of money, and I mean a lot, I'd get the first flight out and fly (I'll fly solo, if needed) to New York. I haven't been to said city, but I can already tell you, it's stunning. Everything about it is to me just stunning. I mean, hellerrrrrrr Fifth Ave, people ! If I had a platinum card, I'd do just that and get myself a pair of Louboutins. How I dream of actually touching those red soled beauty. 

Don't get me wrong, just cause I don't dress as well as the next It girl, doesn't mean I can't.

* I hardly shop at Zara. That was my mum confusing me with my sister who on the other hand, DOES.

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