Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surfs Up

Went to my first (hahahahahahahahhaa) bazaar at Hartamas Square, the Pick & Grab 5. Mama and Tania went in the morning in which I didn't want to go and preferred staying in watching Hercules and Cinderella on Youtube :') 
Tania came back and she bought some things, a studded gladiator sandals, a peplum skirt and a denim corset top. Mama bought me a pair of heels too, twas really pretty but a micro inch too small so pergi tempat tu balik. HOHO I bought me self a skirt, (Y) Real pretty, and agak murah ah. I liiiiiiiike. Met Izzati and Najib, bought some pixels from them and browsed around. Ada banyak benda lawa tapi panas sangat hahahaha so we went home after the pixels were done. Came home, wrapped Myra's present and we left for her house. I swam in what seems to be donkey years since I've been in their pool, so much love ! :') Dah ada banyak floats HAHAHAHA, so that was fun. Zidan and Naim were their usual cute self. As always, I have this irregularly big appetite after I swim, this time I ate like 3 plates of rice. What the hell, these days tak habis habis makan nasi, my god, tak surprise nanti raya tak leh muat baju kebaya yang I'm already trying my best to fit in :'(
Haha it's okay, that's life kan. Cuma terancam je tengok Myra stick thin, man, that girl is losing more weight than she is gaining :/ Tapi fikir balik, elok apa ada curves kan ? HOHO, self convincing is the way to go.

My day was good, how was yours ? 

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