Thursday, July 30, 2009

Do The Dont's

Been feeling lazy, hence pointforms ! 

  • I Heart Mr Pang for making additional mathematics that much easier. I vow to not skip his class.. anymore. 
  • I have braces on and I miss eating solid food where biting is necessary. I swallow food now. I be tough.
  • Dear Ila, since you've been gone, Hafiz and Hafeez have alternated sitting in your place and annoying me to no end. Come back soon, boss. I don't think I can bare them talking Hindi any further.
  • IU day's this Saturday (come one, come all!), I actually can't wait.
  • I loathe Physics. I freakin despise that damn subject, it's so motherfreakin hard, I feel like smashing Newton.
  • I miss Mac and Cheese, buatan San Remo :'(
  • No wait, I just miss solid food. I can't even eat Pringles which I suddenly have this humongous bigger than earth urge to eat.
  • Best place to get the latest Teen Vogue : Jasema :')
Night lovebirds. xx

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