Friday, February 29, 2008


i am so going to mati for Intervensi.


serious shiiiit, besides, form 1 stuffs, i haven't started on anything.
except for agama which i read like that je la, and maths which i only have started form1.
aaaaaand science form 1.
geo, kh, sejarah, bm lit, i haven't started.
AND english lit.

ohmygod, and this is only the Intervensi.
Belum lagi PMR.
not even close pun.

So today, was school.
Came back, bathe, ate lunch, went to the library by 3 something.
Met JeiSee, Lydia and Celine but there were already going out to play badminton with Amanda -__-"
But Debra, Rachael was there.
So was Arif and Darren.
Heck, Darren read a book on vampires -_-
Rach being such a good friend, helped Arif with Math.

I put on my iPod and did Math Form One.
How pathetic.
But i'm taking it slow so that i can understand.
Then, Arif and Darren left.
About 15 minutes, I left to the place, the individual booths tu.
there, studied math but moved on to Science.
tu pun form one je.
then mama, came by at 6 and I left.
wanted to go to Makbul but decided to go fetch Zaim from kawad first.
But ofcourse, ended late.
then, came back, and blablabla.
useless crap.


okayyyy, i'm off.
History (translated as crappy shit) awaits.


wish me good luck.

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