Saturday, February 2, 2008

and so,

i am so mengantuk, maaaaaan.
but, i wnt to go fetch Zaim from school, so yeah, i'm awake.

woke up at 6.22 and off the aircond and all and was like halfway out, then,
' Eh, cuti la'
haha, so slept back til 9.45ish and got ready fr schl.
to paint.
it's purple, people.

didn't talk much at first cause ws still tired.
after painting a lil, started doing the table.
the position has all changed.
it's like 4 tables in a row.
so najihah gets the one under the fan, sarah next to her, i'm next to Sarah and, and Nora next to me.
So really, i'll be alone.
cause Sarah has Najihah. And they laugh (a little too) loudly. And, Sarah's gng to layan Najihah more ( which really, i don't mind. i could do without the screaming and laughing this year ) and again, i'll be with Nora.
bodoh gila.
it's like being bossed around.
i hate that.
and they (SarahNajihah) will be laughing together and yeah, usually, when i ask why, it's always something between them, leaving me in the dark.
when will it stop, weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.
i've had this til i was 7, you knowwwww.
friends taking over you.
i dnt care, i'm gng to say it here.
like it or not.
if you don't, there's that 'X' button on your top left/right, click it and get the hell out of my blog.

Standard 1 and 2
I knw you guys won't believe this, but Diyana was like Queen Bee amongst us (Athirah, Alia, Juju and I) which sucked. We actually formed a club (hahahahahah) and I still remember being forced to eat her lunch or else, she won't friend us. HAHAHA. She's so nice now, it's so surreal she was evil way back then, huh ? But, people change, so, it's for the better, which means all's good. No hard feelings. I still love her <3

Std 3 til 6
ohgod. i had this love hate relationship with my friends, Kyrina, Aina, Namira, Emina, Erina.
Ofcourse, i love em ti bit and all, but at one point, i used to like, carry their water bottles. And i hate them.
I still do sometimes.

Form 1
Was actually quite good. I had my bunch of friends who hung out with. Who are incredibly nice and polite. Fatimah, Amal, Illi, Dina, Mira A. After school, i'd go to Mira's house and we'd watch movies and chill. Best (:

Form 2
Met Sarah and Rachael and her gang.
I felt like the poor dog who did whatever it was ordered to.
Like, instead of, 'Fetch', it was more, 'Do that' or 'Do this'
Or, 'You'd better do my way or else'
Siapa yg terasa, sorry. But i really don't care now.

Form 3
I've seriously have no one to talk deep stuffs with. And people who i can relate real things with. And still be true with.

so, i want to go sit with Karen, Kaveetha and Nikki.
4 people right ? Hm.
But ntah, i'm thinking it over.

Anyway, today, went to the stadium at Cheras cause Zaim was in kawad and my dad was like,
'Let's have this tradition. If any of us gets involved in an activity, the WHOLE family MUST go.'
So that 'tradition' started today.
Honestly, i think Zaim did a job well done.
Very proud of him (:

I like that tradition.


p/s : a special shout out to Karen, for hearing me out. (: Thanks a billion. I owe you.

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