Thursday, February 21, 2008


school was alright.
was raining upon arriving.
learned things.

was supposed to attend Puan Nik's KH class but since she was occupied, we went off.
went down to buy icecream but tak beli pun.
Najihah belikan, hahaha.
went up to the canteen, and Najihah and i borak-ed.
with Arif's presence totally ignored.
kesian dia, though.
Najihah's too shy la with him so Arif has to understand.

OOOOKAY, it's their problem, not mine, so i don't know why i'm talking this on my blog.
moving on.

after sending Najihah back, bought Arif his ice cream.
and oh yeah, Hakim says he'll give me cash for birthday present.
hahaha, it's betterrrrr.
i'm in desperate for money.
i'm like, broke.
not more than 20 bucks in my wallet.

so, yesterday, American Idol started.
he's so freakin' cute.
i want to slap him for being so darn cute.
like, on stage, he was blushing with Ryan and obviously, the judges loved him.
so do i, hahahaha.

today is the girls turn.
so fasr, i only like the girl in yellow.
i think she was third, after the black girl, who sang my ultimate favourite, 'I Say A Little Prayer For You'
i get so happy listening to that song.
so, if you wanna cheer me up, sing that, and i'll love you.

oh back to where i was.
i was in school til about 3.45 ish.
mama bought me Burger King and i had plenty to spare so i gave some to Pauline and Luqman came over to talk to Pauline and i asked him if he wanted some fries and yeah, he took some.
and we talked a bit.
he's a nice guy, really (:
and then Damia came to talk over some debate with Pauline and like when Pauline asked,
' What's encourage in malay?'
and Damia was like, ' Er, er, er.
i piped in, ' Menggalakkan ?
then they were like, 'HO YEAAAAAAH!'
haha, and Damia said, ' HA, see, anak cikgu BI tahu.'
hahahaha, i laughed.
then, they had to go.
left me to complete maths.
after a bit, went back.
came home, cleaned up, onlined a bit.
continued homework -.-
too many homework, i haven't gotten a chance to study puuun.
ugh ish eek.

Oh, my partner for English oral is DEBRAAAAAAA.
i kind of knew i'd be her partner.
like, when Puan Hanizah said, 'Debraaaa, your partner is..'
i had this thing saying it'll be me.
and i was riight.
i'm beginning to think i'm psychic.

so yeah.
Conclusion ?


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