Sunday, February 24, 2008

vantage point,

So yeah, it happened yesterday and i'm only blogging it today, -.-

About 4, Mama, Papa and I went out to Cathay to watch Vantage Point.
After getting the tickets, went to the bazaar and but nothing much.
Went back to Cathay, and bought popcorn and stuff.
Went in.

OHMYWEIII, the movie's soo gooooooood ;o
but, like it rewinded (you won't understand til you've watched) a couple of times and the audience began to groan and then, clapped, i'm like, what the hell, malaysians?
so yeah, at 7 on the dot,it finished.

Went around the bazaar, bought a tee for my sister and camisoles (i don't know why)
and whilst browsing there, came about two ladies with like the most prettiest handbags.
one had like this hot pink one with a brown handle.
the pink reminds me very much of Coach.
It's not a typial handbag la.
It's like a shopper.
and the pink fabric is hard to explain la.
it's like those Prada ones.
The plastic-ish fabric but seriously lawa.
went to but coldn't come across anything like it.
ee, geram gila.
and another was a Black Luella which was so purdy i could have snatched it without any regret. or guilt.
ok, kidding, i'm not cruel.
Went to IKANO and bought Vogue and CosmoGirl and both were sucky sucky crappy issues.
EE, seriously.

WEnt to Tony Roma's.
My first time there.
cause everytime we're at Ikano, it's always Fasta Pasta.
So yeah.
mygod, the portions are humongous weii ;o
so yeah, but the barbeque sauce was the awesomest ever.

went back and did some studying.
slept at 1.
bored til now.



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