Friday, March 16, 2012

Oops, so much for sticking to the 50 Day Challenge tag.

HOME SWEET HOME.. for the next two weeks. And then there'll be my trials and a week break and then my AS.

Holy macaroles, where did time go and can you please ask him to calm his tits !!!!!

So since I missed out on my tags, I figured I'd do them all at once here.

Okay, so Day 2 : "Write whatever it is in your head right now"

I can't wait for dinner tonight because Mama is cooking her amazeballs of a dish for me yum maybe I should get doughnuts later oh shoot where did i put my hand lotion my hand is drying by the second hmm must've left it in college damn it INTENSE MATHEMATICS TONAIIIIIT can't wait to drop it once AS is over and done with come to think of it i only have to endure it for about 1-2 months and I can say sayonara to integration and statistics thank God

Day 3 : Write with your elbow


(Hi, I look really weird right now)

Day 4 : A picture of you doing something weird but funny

When I find one, I'll post it up, I got nothing at the moment !

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