Sunday, March 4, 2012


Guess who won Best Video ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Tonight was the Boria night and UGH I HAD SO MUCH FUN BEING IN THE ATMOSPHERE OF MY FELLOW GARNETRONS. So incredibly proud of everyone especially the boys who had to endure hours of practicing and sacrificing study time. So much love for them :") EVERYONE LOOKED SO GOOD AND COMEL not only Garnet k but yeah, everyone in their tacky and loud costume and dancing rather carelessly. I didn't get to see Topaz's performance though :( I managed to watch the Diamond one halfway (which was really good btw for any Diamonders reading this) and the Sapphire one. Garnet went on last. AND I THINK WE DID A PRETTY KICK-ASS JOB. All the boys remembered to smile and pulled off their steps without any (obvious) mistakes. In fact, I don't think they did anything wrong like how they did in previous rehearsals. Props to Olan and Hazwan for that. Just so proud of everyone on the Boria team for being incredibly determined and their thirst for the big win. Love you boys !!!!!!!!


I was hella nervous for video though. As we reached the end of the event, results were announced. Garnetrons all sat at the back and we were just screaming and well, enthusiastic. Dah kata House of Enthusiasm. Favouriteeeeeeee people ever.

So yeah, as they announced, hearts beating, tension is in the air between houses and the hall fell into a pin-drop silence.

(I'm currently checking Haniesha's twitter because she tweeted everything throughout)

Ok so we won for Teng Teng and wau-making ! Everyone cheered and the crowd went wild. Fawwaz/Olan/Kanda went to escort the winners to the stage with a bunga manggar which was so cute. 2nd place for pantun but Saf won best pemantun !!!!!!!! So all's good !

And then they announced "And the winner for the video competition is... the House of Enthusiasm!!!!!!!!!!!"

HELLO CAN YOU TELL HOW HAPPY I AM !??!?!!?!? AMAL, ZACK AND I WENT ON STAGE AND YEAH OMG CAN DIE HAPPY LAH HELLO SO EXCITED AND SO WORTH IT !!!!!! Thank you everyone for the kind congratulatory wishes !!!! Couldn't have done it not just without Amal but the whole of Garnet ! Just so happy that we won !!!!!!!!

and as they were announcing Best Boria, I was already clenching my teeth and squeezing Ha's hands. When they announced second place for Boria to Topaz, some of the Garnet kids already cheered which we all had to quickly shush them as to not get too excited and over-confident.
When finally after what seems to be forever they called out Garnet as champions for boria, everyone screamed and shrieked and hugged and jumped and started chanting the Garnet cheer and almost everyone went on stage.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!! By then, we were all on a winning high and everyone was just so pumped and excited and nobody could stand still.

And then they had to announce the Rumah Citra Budaya........

........ let's just say there were a lot more screaming and shouting and jumping and hugs amongst us Garnets.

Also, can I just say how supportive everyone was throughout the announcement of winners ?! Thanks doh for all the "Good Job Garnet !" cheers and "Big Clap Garnet!" :") I'm well over the moon right now and I think I can say the same from the rest of the Garnet team.

I have a video of the Garnet boria but it needs some editing because it got cut off at some parts :(

Ah what a lovely night it is and what lovely company to have it spent with.

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