Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hi everyone !!

It's Friday tomorrow which meansssss I'M COMING HOME !! Was contemplating to stay back this weekend and go back only next week when we'll have our 2 week break. Then Mum had to Whatsapp me photos of all the DVDs she bought and I changed my mind. Can't wait to be home :") (kelak rah UK susah eh mok balit jak every week) (hahaha)

Anyway !

I had a very good 2 week stay here in college. My mum, Iman and Zaim surprised me last weekend and took me out for a drive :") I think it was partly due to text conversation with Mum

"So how's your weekend going? Chaletmates semua balik?"
"Yeah, they're all not around. Diyana's mum came and took her out for lunch and Kaveetha's mum pun sama. Sheema went out with a bunch of friends yesterday so I'm eating lunch alone now...."

and about 5 pm, as I was taking my (second) nap, Kaveetha told me to come out and who do I see ?!?! Imaaaaaaaan

So we went to Bukit Beruntung first because Mum thought ada Secret Recipe dekat the Tesco there but alas, there wasn't. So we actually went to Tanjung Malim because I've been raving about Garden Seafood ever since I first went there so we had our early dinner there. Still delicious as evaaaa.

They sent me home and I kissy kissed my Mum and Iman and was just in a joyous mood because they came all the way to jumpa me :") Love my family to bits I can't even


It's KIWEE (Koley Yayasan Islamic Week) this week and they announced it was also to be Hijab Week as well. Unprepared because I have no tudung to wear and so last minute ! I was just planning to get some pashmina's back home to pakai but oh well.

Malam tu, Marissa and I went to Nani's chalet to pinjam (we basically had to scour our way around the girls here in KY to pinjam hijabs and Nani was nice enough to be very helpful!) and she was our fashion guru and sempat ajar ajar how to wear and stuff. Thanks to her and Diyana (her chaletmate) (also a sweetheart), Marissa and I knew about a million styles to wear the hijab. I borrowed a rosy pink scarf, a pink tudung bawal as well as a pashmina.

First day !

Diyana woke me up early because we planned to bangun awal to wear our tudung ! Lol yeah kata inexperienced kan heh heh anyway pin here and pin there and ikat here and ikat there, I went to Amal's chalet at about 7:40 to ask her to pin and Ha was already set to go which means she woke up earlier than us ! So cute lah

I've to admit, it was indeed a nice sight to see everyone who took the opportunity to berhijab. First person to see was Kanda and he basically took 3 seconds to realise it was me ! Hahahahahaha I loved everyone's expression. Some of my friends tak tegur pun because they didn't know it was me without my messy hair.

This was after class with Mr Conquest and by the end of the lesson, he asked us "Why are you 4 different?" LOL

Because we three wore silk tudungs !

Ah, me and the lovelies.
With my babeeeezzzzzzzzzzzz, Marissa *.*

Everyone was VERY VERY nice to compliment us and say sweet things about us all. When it was time for our 15 minute break, everyone was so amused to see us all berhijab which was cute. Tweets came rolling in !

Went into classes with looks though from the teachers. Mr Conquest asked "Why are you 4 different today?" and mentioned that Ha looked different and said she looked rounder -_____-

But nevertheless, it was a good day because change is always good, isn't it.


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