Sunday, March 25, 2012


Pak Tok's surprise birthday went well.

Mak Su Lin dragged me out when Pak Tok went to go for BV to run errands and we were suppose to prolong our trip out to allow the people back home to set up the place.
Allotted time to go back home was 4 when everything (food, chairs and tables and guests) was ready and good to go.

HOWEVER Pak Tok got tired and decided to go home by 3 and this was already the most we could stall him.

Mak Tok, lemme tell ya, is the worst secret keeper !! I mean, kudos for not blurting our the surprise party plan but she gave away so many times, it was a wonder how Pak Tok totally spaced out and not suspect anything. LOL twas funny because the day before, we had dinner at home and everyone had to keep quiet about it and go along with Pak Tok's plan to have a birthday dinner instead somewhere.

When we arrived home, he didn't notice the tables and chairs, he noticed Aunty Nazu's car (she came all the way down from for Pak Tok's party) and only when we pulled up, he noticed the caterer's van and we all went 'SURPRISEEEEEEE' lol so cute lah everyone


To the queen of my life.... tomorrow I'll write another post, too tired now :*

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