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Yesterday was MCB night! I can't believe it's been a year already since our MCB Video that I love and love and love so much hahaha, still so proud of it!! Maybe 'cause it's the only one we've won.... but hey ho luv it still


Instead of boria, we had dikir barat and traditional dance this year. MCB didn't feel like MCB though (in case you're wondering, MCB is Minggu Citra Budaya and it's a week in KY where we all get in touch with our Malay roots... or something liddat) because we didn't have the games or competitions like last year. It was literally just dikir and dance ! Last year we had boria, videos, wau-making, batu seremban, that selipar game, and so many more I don't even know what they're called.

Everyone did an amazing job with their dikir barat and dances !!!!!! So happy for everyone and so proud lah of the juniors for knowing how to be so impressive ! All the houses were really good and so semangat !! I love these events because you can taste the spirit of all the 4 houses cramped in the hall! So fun and this is going to be the last event til after A2 which is crazy sad for me 'cause I love KY (I think this has been established on numerous occasions).

#topaz was so uniform and teratur and so well-rehearsed. Everyone was lah but this one look especially organised and sedap mata memandang (hamboi kemain)

#diamond was also very very good! SO GILA COMEL. I remembered saying that so many times to so many people! They were the cutest lah with expressions and everything ! Their costumes remind me of frogs which made them even cuter! Not that I think frogs are cute or anything... I mean like, the frogs in cartoons lah, not the hardcore loud frogs you find in KY. 

#sapphire was exceptionally amazing. Their moves were so elaborate and nobody looked like they forgotten any of it which was trĂ©s impressive. Fauzan dahlah kat tengah tengah so his enthusiasm prevailed like mad with his crazy lenggok (you'll see it in the video. He's the one in the middle and well, when I mean 'crazy lenggok', you'll know which one he is!) and everyone looked like they were having immense fun. So fun to watch!!!!!! 

And here's Garnet !!!!!!!! So proud and happy after their performance !!!! They looked thoroughly satisfied and happy and so semangat throughout their performance which made me EVEN happier and prouder!!!!! By then, I didn't really care for the outcome honestly (because everyone was so good!!) so I was just happy that they made the whole hall cheer and scream and so many gave a standing ovation !!!!!! (do I sound like a proud mama yet)

And what is a KY event without photos like these... 

and this...

and this...

There was a video montage of our boria competition and it made me miss my second semester in KY like craaaaaaaaaaaaazy I'm so attached to this college I don't know how I'm going to react when my last day in college arrives. I'll probably shed a bucket or two...

... LOLJK I'LL DEFINITELY shed a bucket or FIVE.

Traditional dance by the girls were also super super good!!!!!!!!! So impressed with their dances especially Diamond and Sapphire !!!!!!!! I love my Garnet girls and had so much fun at their practices but got to give credit where credit is due and say how greatly I admire those girls dengan sprained ankles (hi Puchee and Asiyah!!) and long hours of practicing !





Good going girls, I feel like dancing traditional now.....

Anyway! Here comes the anxious wait for the winners. I hate this feeling, hate it so much that I wanna pee waiting but I kinda love it because everyone's in their respective houses in one part of the hall and when a house wins, the WHOLE place erupts with screams and hugs and shrieks and smiles from ear to ear. It's a wholesome feeling that you can't get anywhere else.

Topaz for best costumes!
Diamond for best choreography and dance overall.
Garnet wins for best tukang karut (Mas, our tukang karut, left early because he wasn't feeling well and headed straight back to the chalet)

Garnet wins for best choreography for dikir and overall dikir barat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm being such a Garnetron here but really really so proud of the boys lah for all they've done but I was just so happy for them !!!

Such a great night out with my mates and watching the juniors from all houses perform makes me feel so reminiscent of our boria night and Bangsawan last year. Don't think I wanna leave KY yet......




(Garnet Part 1)

(Garnet Part 2)



(thanks Shaza, Muz and Diy for the videos)

To Sapphire, if any of you are reading this, I'm still actually quite upset on your behalf for the outcome and I really thought you guys would have placed for dikir because your performance was so brilliant, I was on my feet giving you a standing ovation !!!!!!!! And so did so many other people !!! 

But I'm so confident and sure of the juniors to naik nama Sapphire to where it really should stand. If you won first for dikir instead of Garnet, believe me you, I and the rest of the house would have cheered you on like no other. Such a class act and wishing you all the best in the future!!!!!! Love you Sapphire !!!!! 

and to Garnet;
Congratulations, boys and girls!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love y'all and your spirit and your enthusiasm and your joy and thanks for being the best :") 

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