Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I feel that

  • Girlfriends should stop being so paranoid that their boyfriends are being unfaithful. Let the guy talk to a girl without being interrogated and questioned. Dahlah kawan lama. Girl, she was there before you got to be his girlfriend !!!!!! Gila.
  • Boyfriends should stop being overprotective. You're a boyfriend, not a husband.
  • Haters should stop hating because really, apa motif ? APA
  • A couple shouldn't shut themselves from the world. Being too absorbed and involved in a relationship sampai tak tahu nak buat apa without them memang nak mintak penampar. Go get yourselves some friends, please. Yes, girls and boys, you can still 'live' without them. And you can still go get yourself a LIFE !!!!!
  • So it is quite true. Ex's can't be friends after a relationship ends. And it's also quite true that friends of that ex (who are also your friends) do pick on sides. And I'm not winning.
  • I love my friends but I don't show it as often and as obvious but I do, regardless. It is entirely up to you to believe that or not. Do I feel left out ? Yeap. Is it your fault ? Nope, it's mine.
  • And um, if you're trying to hide whatever you're going on there, you're failing.
I don't know why I just typed that all out.

I'm listening to my favourite malay songs lolol. Currently singing and mini-dancing to is Khayalan. Besttttt.

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