Monday, February 6, 2012

Teppanyaki !

"Nando, Nando, let's take a photo. We don't have one of us together!" says my mum to my dad.

Staying true to good ol' Papa self, he changed his mind on where he wanted to take a photo until alas, he made a decision to take a photo near a painting. But, of course.

So tonight, we had a belated birthday dinner since my grandparents were in town and so was I. Gotta love holidays ! Stuffed myself with good food compensating on my non-solids diet throughout the week thanks to the viral fever I had. If you love teppanyaki, please for the love of God, go to Le Meridien and be blown. Ok maybe tu over, but it's true ! SO GOOD the prawns. I love the buffet spread there... and everywhere else lah basically I love. But this one's my favourite so yes, hip hip hooray !

Aunty Win gave us our birthday presents which were this cute crossword puzzle book along with a very generous angpau teehee. Birthday money is always Always ALWAYS welcome lol thank you Aunty Win Along Myra Amelia Zidan Naim :*

The table behind us were so loud and was making a commotion about everything. Mleh. Whatever as long as I'm getting my teppanyaki !

So that was thatttttt.

Earlier in the day, however, made my way to Diyana's place and we got to KMB in an hour. Missed the first KY game but managed to get on time for the second one. They lost that one so we went back after that, but only after the boys ate their nasi arab and puding thanks to Diyana ! Najihah wasn't there -______- the one time I was at her college was the one time she wasn't there. Hohum :(

Ok i'm getting mengantuk and tomorrow I gots to goes and gets my manicures onnn ~


Oh and hi Kanda I know you're reading now lol k bye night x

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