Saturday, February 25, 2012



It is true what they say, home sweet home. Missed it since it has probably been the longest I've been in KY yet; 3 weeks and 2 weekends ! That's an achievement for me heh heh.

Mama came and fetch me right after classes. Borak borak all the way from college to home. Singgah at A&W to get lunch and went to Maybank to get some errands done before finally heading for home. First things first, gave my dad kisses and hugs because my mum showed me this ;

God bless my Papa for being the sweetest :")

When Mama told him that she'll be fetching me, he was like "Baru haritu jumpa dia, dah nak balik dah?" in which my mum told him that I've in fact been in college for 3 weeks dah to which he replied "Oh ha ah eh, no wonder I miss my daughter and son!" My brother is currently on a month hiatus in Penang with my grandparents and playing golf all day with Pak Tok. Lucky boy because Mak Tok masak nice nice for him !


Had a nice nap after I came back and after Maghrib, we went to Las Caratas (I have no idea nama dia apa, I main hentam jak) to celebrate Amelia's birthday ! Mexican food was goooooood. Had tacos and bits and pieces of everyone else's food. Nothing beats La Bodega though.......

Tania's tongue is so gross in the photo..

Cute Iman is cute.

I'm no professional but I love taking photos with my Pen ! So senang and resembles closely to a bulky DSLR (which I still love using btw) but this camera can fit in my handbag so easily without it being too berat for me to carry.

They even sang Amelia a happy birthday song with a guitar and gave her a sombrero to wear !!! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

Happy (early) Birthday, dear Amelia ! God bless you and wishing you all the happiness in the world ! :)

Tomorrow is a new day (and let it be a day of eating and shopping) and so God bless you all !

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