Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Anticipation


And yet another weekend spent here in KY. I am VERY ready to go back home next long weekend. I've been making mental notes as to what I want to makan and where I want to go shop and what I want to buy lol.

It's been a pretty busy week. Videos and Garnet meetings and tests and classes and homework due the very next day (.... this may or may not be the fault of my infamous nature to procrastinate like the pro you all know I am). Had a Math test mid week and yeah, I didn't get an A but atleast it was an improvement ! Heh heh. I hope this improves over time and by the time AS gets its ass over here, I'll ace the paper insyaAllah. That goes the same for my other papers of course ! Got an A for my Econs homework and it's really nothing to be all happy and joyful over but I am !!! Hahahaha.

Ok done.

So this week we've (Amal and I) been pretty hard at work filming for the video competition in conjunction with the Minggu Citra Budaya. I work alongside with Amal and am Co-Director lol such a fancy name quite honoured thanks Amal love youuuu :*

Wish I could post it up here but that will just discard any element of surprise. Hohum.

I'm getting real sleepy and it's only 842 memey ah. HOW TO STUDY LIDDIS

I'm also very very tempted to post up photos of Marissa's troll faces up here but as a good friend, I shall refrain myself from doing something that might do harm to Marissa's reputation as being indeed a pretty face.....

....... but still very tempted.

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