Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Response

Ok so I'm bored and sleepy but I don't feel like sleeping just yet. Maybe in half an hour, depending on how much I wanna blog tonight.

Also, I have a very dance-y song on now (coughSClub7cough) (please don't judge) (no, seriously) and I just finished watching Ha's sister's wedding in which I attended late last year. Makes me want to get married. Ha's sister and her husband knew each other for 8 years.

....... SO LAMAAAA. Some couples I've heard were a couple since they were Form 4. Whadeheck sumpah terer.

Like every other girl (some may admit it some may not), I've planned my wedding way lama dah and it's a fun topic to discuss with Mum on our long car rides together. To Nirwana to eat....

.... ok i'm hungry now because I had KFC at about 5 tadi which basically means it was our dinner but still, lapaq na ~

So tadi we were at the boys' boria practice and Amal and I decided to get some reassurance to let the boria kids get first hand preview and lo and behold, they loved it !!!!!! I was pleased as ever because they were very kind and very happy about it.

"Wei rasa macam something inside tau.... macam something inside! Deep deep"

That was Hatim and he said something of those lines and I was over the moon because it meant a lot to Amal and me that they liked it, that our friends liked it. Made our late nights and brain stormings worth while.

I'm sorry for being rather enthusiastic about it but I can't help myself !!!! Hahahahaha Amal can relate to me with this because we're very satisfied with it and can't wait to share it with everyone else.

Ok bye now take care and have a great weekend ahead ! I'm going to try and study as much as I can next week after classes and all so that I won't have to bring any books ('cept for homework) for the weekend when I go back because heyyyyyyylllll no am I going to study. Serious doh, home is home and home = a world of nothingness and what a wonderful world that is.

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