Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hatred Is Never Pretty


Do I have the word 'pushover' written all over my face ? Because ever since school started (7, people ! When I was 7 !), carrying people's tumblers, paksa makan sandwich ("If not, I won't be your friend"), suruh buat homework, you get it ? Basically, a slave.

I've had enough, sumpah cakap.

Don't come to me when you have no one. 
Do you think I'm some kind of reserved friend ? Please la. I have a hell lot more friends compared to you.

Apa punya kawan.

"Gay" is overrated. Quit exclaiming everything is gay. It's so stupid. Semua nak gay, semua je nak lesbian. Apahal? Bodoh, satu. Second, nampak sangat doh kau punya vocabulary tak bagus. Tahu gay je ah en. IF THAT PERSON REALLY IS HOMOSEXUAL, baru la panggil gay/lesbian, bangang. Are you that stupid ? 

Senyum la wei, muka kau dah la tak lawa, you're making it uglier by having that frown upon your face. 

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