Wednesday, February 4, 2009


NAJIHAH update siaaaaaaaal woot woot !

Us, alPHA (suka hati la nak eja macam mat salleh, Dina Alfa) had free periods til recess, score !
I gave Suraya her care package and she loved it (kan?!) and that made my day. 
Free period(s) came in good timing as we (Najihah, Suraya, Ila, Dina) decided to make the best of the day by having our own photosession in class. Fun? In school? Nooooo! *fake gasps*

Ila was a huge sport to use up what's left of her film on us. Took them home because I wanted to scan it at my dad's office but he came back earlier than expected so well, tomorrow then. Sorry, me loves.

Hectic day, really. So I'm tired. 

Disappointing post, I know. I need to start writing again.


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