Friday, February 27, 2009

So Called Lover

You know what/who I don't like ? 
Friends who forget friends. 

You know what/who I do like ? 
Of course you don't. 

Let's talk about today despite it being of no use whatsoever to whoever reading. 
School was alright. Did my Bio test, finally.
And my friends organized a Girl Guides meeting (without the knowing/permission of teachers), twas good. Karen and I are in charge of decoration ! Rad, totally rad.
Went to One Utama at 2 plus with Mum and sister to buy presents for the dinner at Victoria Station later that night. Managed to get a necklace from Massimo Dutti for Mami Jan (she's half Brit considering the years she's spent there so she wants us to call her something like Mummy Jan instead of Aunty since she thinks that will just make her feel old, she turned 63 a week before but I swear she doesn't look like it at all!). Went to the shops I usually enter and left empty handed. Pretty shoes at Zara but the flats I wore demanded a bend-and-unbuckle job which is sickening (NOTE TO SELF : DON'T WEAR SUCH SHOES WHEN OUT TO BUY NEW ONES). 
Came back and got ready for my tuition, was really tired but I had to go since I missed my Mod Maths tuition last night.
True enough, Mr Pang lost his memory. I came in the class and just sat my ass down and he pointed at me to the girl he was teaching Chemistry to and asked 'Who is that?'. 
It hit me that he lost his memory.
I introduced myself and told him I was a former student of his. He asked how long and I replied since Form 1. It was a bit weird for me to introduce myself to someone I already know before this, you get ? 
I've never come across someone who had lost their memory so yes, fascination aside, it was a bit sad.
He whipped out his phone and after some time, he asked whether it was me in the picture in his phone. [The picture was from the (small mini cute HAHA) party we had for him last year on his birthday which coincidentally coincided with our tuition class.] 
I think the part that hit me most was when class ended and I was leaving class quick before the next stampede comes into his Chemistry class and he called after me and said, "Nadia, nice meeting you again".

That stopped me in my tracks.

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