Sunday, January 15, 2012


19 cheers to the most pink and the bubbliest and the most lively girl I know, Sarah ! Thank you for the laughs and the influence (sebab you I laugh loudly with my friends now hahahah). Aku ingat lagi doh Harry Potter ngan Ronaldo hahahahahaha. Miss you my baby girl !!!!! Sorry for being absent this past year :( I still love you endlessly. Sayang kau lah rindu nak mampus zaman Motorola pink and our Paris Hilton oral test hahahahahahahahaha lawak siaaaal. K love you and happy birthdayyyyyy :")

Ok, so it's a Saturday night and I'm spending my weekend here in college. It's been pretty good. Spent the night with the boys, had dinner with them and later to the café where the whole table lot played games and I was laughing to the core because Fain looked confused most of the time.

So I conclude that weekends here isn't as bad as I had thought it'd be. And I'm currently being bombarded on my Twitter timeline with #KYpickupline

HILARIOUS lah. You can go search it on Twitter if you want and be highly entertained but my personal favourite(s) are

"If you think doing Further Maths is hard, try looking at you and not having you." - @ariffOLAN

"I'll be the paan to your diyana, the adam to your miera, the izmal to your zati, the pana to your hakim." - @ahmadhatim

Brilliant lah. Hahahahaha ok Imma catch some shut eye and listen to Beyoncé and try to endure my hunger pangs.

Cheers to a great January ahead ! :)

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