Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jalang Cari Makang

I know this (blogging) is not what I'm supposed to do but I can't help myself. It's either this or I doze off from reading Economics.

So let me fill you in on my week (it's already Wednesday and Sunday is going-back-to-KY day);

  • Yesterday was shopping day with Mama. Dad went off golfing and my sister went out with her mates so it was just me and Mum. First stop; Pavilion ! Lunched at La Bodega, my crazy favourite. Had the usual tapas' and like 5 baskets of bread. So good but so guilty of so much carbs and fat. Not that I care because they're too good to not be indulged. Went shopping later. Topshop had finally stocked up on new things which was good 'cause I had my birthday voucher still intact and waiting to be used.
  • Skipped on Sephora because I didn't really need anything. And me going in there would only lead to unnecessary spending. And Mum won't be too happy 'cause I already had spent a bomb in Topshop.
  • Went into Typo and got some stuffs. Main reason in entering said shop was to buy Iman's pencilbox. My itchy hands just had to get the best of me and I got really really unnecessary notebooks. One reminded me of a Prada dress which is why I got it. Cure me from this obsession, kind sir ! (<- wha-?)
  • Had time to spare so we decided to go to Gardens. Had my pavlova fix and I was already very full from my Mexican lunch. But of course, since we were around Bangsar, we just had to plan a nasi daun pisang dinner. HAD TO.
  • Mum decided to walk around and laze in Alexis while I went shopping in Megamall. Besides being infested by people (what else is new with Megamall lah serious), Megamall had a lot in store for me. Managed to get somethings from Zara and Topshop (again). But in my defense, Topshop had 2 skirts that were 50 off and so I had to get it. Why is this relevant to anyone and anything I shall stop talking nao
  • Went to Nirwana and again stuffed myself with nasi. So good but alas so mengenyangkan, alhamdulillah !
  • Finally made our way home and I was draineddddd. Mainly 'cause I had eaten so much throughout the day.
I should really start taking random photos with my Pen and post it up here. This blog lacks personality sometimes, I think.

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