Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 !!

Happy New Year, everyone ! I genuinely hope and wish for the very best for everyone and may good and only good things to come our way. AS is this May/June and my New Year's wish is to do well and let the whole study mojo flow all through my 2 year stay in KY and get a place in a university and just in general, do well. I don't want the money my parents are putting in for me to go to waste.

To my mother, thank you very much for everything. I had a lot of time between my SPM school days til when I got into college and most of the days were spent with you, going out for tea time and all that jazz. And thank you very much most of all for being my best friend. And also, for listening to me all the while and suggesting KY to Papa that lead me into the college. More than ever, I love you.

Thank you Papa for being the best and spending a lot on us. Thank you for working very hard this past year for us. So glad and proud for everything you've achieved. You and Mama are my sole and only motivation in doing well in my studies. I only wanted to go to KY because it was a gateway to further my studies in the UK like how both of you did and I just only want to follow in your footsteps and be where you two are now. Thank you a lot also for KY. Hehe love you Popsicles ! :)

And to the friends I've gained in KY, can I just say how much I love you and thank you for the best time in KY even if it has only been 6 months in. I cannot wait for everything in the future with you lot and I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for all the late night talks in my chalets and for being the best bunch of people I can find around. So grateful to have mates like them.

My high school friends, just because high school has ended for good, doesn't mean our friendship will. Every gathering with you lot is just filled with warmth and familiarity and just like ol' times I've missed and so badly want back. High school wouldn't be half as fun without everyone. And for that, my thanks to you for being the best people ever. 5 ALPHA I LOVE YOUUUU LIKE CRAZY !!!!

K my appreciation post ends here. Hope everyone had a great New Years, let it be at home or out and about. 2012 won't promise us a smooth ride but we sure can make it an interesting and memorable one. Cheers to us !

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