Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Long Live Chanel

FINALLY after wanting to go so long, went to the Taman Tun Bazaar. Is it me or has it grown smaller ?
ANYWAY, bought Roti John (!), huge favourite, that one. And well, the smell of the food was so overwhelming so heh, bought a lot of things just cause it looked good. Now, I'm full and I ate only 1 piece of roti john. Takpe, sahur sahur. Now, I'm full but good thing I bought Famous Amos Macadamia Nut cookies so I won't bloody complain about not eating any snacks later at night. Tania and I have been watching movies everyday now, yesterday it was How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. Today's winner is Legally Blonde, I actually can't wait because I miss watching this movie, Reese is freakin hilarious in said flick.
I had a relaxing day, all I did was lay in bed and only out to send Tania to OU and the whole bazaar shindig.
Came home and got ready to berbuka. Food was good (Y) Nak pergi lagi bazaar hahaha.
I'm giddy for Pavi tomorrow, I should make a list on what to look out for. My only concern is if Mama is up for it. She's usually lazy to go up and down so she'd make us hurry which takes out all the joy in shopping. HEH.
I was just thinking of what to eat at The Loaf tapi baru ingat puasa -__-

Ta !

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