Monday, August 31, 2009

Tania & I

As much as she annoys me to no end, Tania is still my bestfriend. Though at times I feel I want to rip her head off, it's good to have a sister like her who is freakin hilarious to keep you going. And yes we both have the occasional fall outs where we can end up calling each other big bitches but we make up in the next 10 minutes, an hour tops. I tell her secrets I don't utter at all to any of my friends just cause we're sisters and just because I don't trust her when she says she'll bring down the laundry, doesn't mean I don't trust her when I tell her whom I'm hating and loving to family matters. And just because sometimes we look like we're recreating World War III, doesn't mean I won't spend a million bucks on her and vice versa. She knows I love her, we just choose not to express in words, we prefer insulting.

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