Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Day #1

A very bad day today. So sakit hati.

I slept at 1 am thinking 'Okay, at 4 after Sahur, I'll continue studying Chemistry'.
Izzati, kitorang sama case. Bangun pukul 6.40 and in my case dah lambat. I was cursing sebab satu, TAK PUASA AND DAH CONFIRM kena ganti 2 more next year. And :'( !!! Main reason to wake up was because I HAD/NEED/MUST study my chemistry. And my sejarah my god, tak study langsung. And I had to print my notes that I (THANK GOD SIAP!) did on Sejarah. So macam extra kelam kabut. :'( So heartbreaking sial. And my school shoes were drenched because semalam hujan and my mum got angry sebab cakap 'Don't tell me you got no other shoes!'. 
Sakit hati gila because I washed my own goddamn shoes, not only mine pulak tu, I washed everyone else's and I'm not afraid to say this but I do a whole lot of chores, okay! So I was frustrated at my mum for making me feel like tak buat apa benda pun. Heh.
So I went to school uncomfortably with my right foot all wet. Was so pissed. The only thing that my day was the fact that Chemistry started at 9, ada jugak la time nak belajar. Went to the library after school and did +maths. Such a nice feeling when you get a whole bunch of questions correct. Hah.
DAHLAH MY WATCH IS M.I.A.  $%!*&@!)@(~!_@( Patut letak GPS or whatever you call it.

My day cannot get any worse. I don't give a damn for physics, it's not like the other 2 science subjects takkan fail kan. Mampus ah. TEST JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Ok bye, +maths quite tempting.

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  1. So I went to school uncomfortably with my right foot all wet.

    I laughed so hard after reading that! XD