Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lets Sing Til It Rains

School was fun today :')
Not many people showed up. And it rained in the morning. Made the waking up process that much harder, hmph. Mod Maths, we had to do some questions on statistics but I was really slow and so lazy to do all the graph questions so I borak a lot instead, heh. Someone joined Dina's table to ours (Ila and I) so we had a long table which was fun hohoho. No matter how much of an ass Hafeez can be at times, he can be incredibly hilarious so it's lucky he has that balance. Cheers us up (Y)
Then we had History and Cikgu Manan told us what was coming up. I didn't catch up so I didn't bother so I'm just going to call someone up and ask for the topics. Then we had Physics. FIRST TIME Puan Nurhana came up because we were late hahahahhohohoh. Before that, Li May sang. And Hafiz Rahim got so obsessed with her voice (it really is obsessed worthy, by the way. The girl can sing.). Like obsessed jenis sangap. Everytime she starts singing ('Menghitung Hari' is his favourite) he'd go all soft hahaha. Sampai bila Hafeez tried singing the same time as Li May, Hafiz Rahim actually threw a book to Hafeez to stop singing. Tu obsessed gila okay. We thought he was sarcastic cause he kept saying 'Best gila sial Li May nyanyi' and all that. Yesterday, bukan main lagi suruh diam. Then I asked him why the sudden change of heart. 

'Sebab semalam tak dengar betul betul'

But what Li May said was right, 'Taaaak, sebab semalam ada Johann semua.'
and Hafiz R knowingly smiled and laughed. Which probably means it's half true. Control macho la tu nak marah marah perempuan. But he was so funny the way he got all in love with Li May's voice. It was soo cute. So baik with Li May tiba tiba. :') Macam personal radio, siap suruh kahwin lagi.

Then we had Add Maths. I'm beginning to like Log questions. But with the guidance of Dina and Ila ofcourse. Hafeez told us about the tees at Urban tees and Ila and I want to buy the tee with the half Decepticon and the half Autobot. Haha. Laughed so much sampai Ila and I sakit perut, sakit pipi. Lama dah tak gelak macam tu. :') Boss, Carls Jr is on. (Inside joke). 
I'm scared for +maths. Chapter 6 tak start langsung gila babi. Oh me oh my, tak nak la fail lagi. :'(

Then we had Bio. Felt so sleepy. Hafiz R, Asif, Li May and I talked about food. Cakap sampaaaaaaai balik. 
Got back and slept. Janji tidur sampai 5 JE but of course no such thing for me, so I woke up at Maghrib. Yuck.

I FREAKIN HAD FATTY CRAB FOR DINNER (!!). Happy Happy Joy Joy ! So rindu.

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