Friday, August 28, 2009

Can I express my discontent ? 
  • I don't get girls who can't 'live' without their boyfriends. What if he leaves you ? What are you going to do then ? Don't depend on 'happily ever after', you know that rarely exist. As much as we love boys, I just don't think girls should solely depend on their partners. This is no offense to boys, I'm just hearing out for the girls. I'm all for those girls who have had their boyfriends for years now (respect is all I have for them, no offense k DINA ILA NAJIHAH SURAYA!), but for those others who have more boyfriends than their freakin age, it's absurd and clearly love is just a four letter word they abuse. Come on now, you're what ? 16 ? You got a whole lot ahead of you, I don't know why you have this need to have a boyfriend. This applies to guys too. I got a friend who has had 32 girlfriends. In my humble opinion, I don't think he deserves to call them 'girlfriends', seems to me more like acquaintances. 
  • People who brag really have nothing else to do. Talk is just talk, show us the real thing, honey.

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