Monday, August 17, 2009

Hang Out With People Smarter Than You

I have this love-hate relationship for the internet. Love because well, everything there is to it from Youtube to social networking sites i.e Facebook (no love for Myspace, RIP) to the addictive blog reading. I freakin hate it because of the goddamned fact that it is freakin distractive. I have abandoned my Biology reading despite promising myself to be no longer on the 'net than 10 minutes. But truly, it is impossible. School was alright, test started last Friday and 3 papers down, 8 more to go. I already can't wait for the much needed holiday break though it being a mere week. Atleast it's something. Ramadhan is on its way and mediocre feelings toward it (mainly because of the fact kena bangun for Sahur la), I have to be honest. But then again, lepas Ramadhan, rayaaaaaaaaaaa omgah. Time passes in a blink of an eye siaaaaal. Rasa macam baru je masuk Form 4.

Anyway, the fact that my Bio is clearly not my strongest subject is already heartbreaking so I'm going to continue studying the lowdown on vitamins and carbs and try to cram whatever's left so that I can atleast answer 60-70% of the questions asked tomorrow.


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