Thursday, August 13, 2009

Know What You Want

Youtube is so freakin slow sial. Dulu cepat je -.-

Spent the day at the library yet again. I love it there, albeit blood circulation stopped due to freakin aircond temperature. Psh. Studied agama and stuff :') I'll try going there the whole of next week simply cause I need to study to atleast try to get an improvement for this upcoming test. And I'll go even after the test, just cause I need to finish some homework which if I choose to complete at home, would be next to impossible because my studying table has become semi-storage with all the useless crap that I'm just to lazy to clear. Spring cleaning has never been and never will be my forte. 
Went to school and it was just Dina and I :') Mod Maths, haih. My teacher has got to be the most enthusiastic teacher I've come across. Which is of course good but it can get annoying at times. During history, my teacher practically went in and out after doing the whole scolding slash mini counseling slash admitted insecurity. I don't know why the teachers (I'm speaking in general) always thinks our class is 'sombong' . Just cause sure, at times, we're too hooked talking about something else. But during History, tak pernah pun nak bising macam pasar ? Kan ? -.- Takpela. He had good intentions and he deserved to be angry after ______ did that. It was quite rude, I'd blow my head off if I were him. 

LIKE OMG I'M LIKE SO IN THE PROCESS OF DOWNLOADING THE TEEN CHOICE AWARDS ON YOUTUBE AND I AM SO FREAKIN ANGRY THAT YOUTUBE CHOSE TODAY TO BE REALLY REALLY INCREDIBLY SLOW MOVING. OMG OMG OMG call me immature but I love the Jonas Brothers :') They're funny. And they're not gay, for God's sake. Just cause they're better looking than you, it does not make them gay, fools. :))))))))))) And nampak macam best gila baaaaaaabi, I can't wait to finish all 9/9 videos. I'm like, at 1/9 and it's moving on its 4th minute after an hour. Macam !&@*()@* Ok back to regular state of mind

So chemistry was alright, but for those who don't know, we have to do 10 peka's :'( And i'm only 3/4 my way on my third. Curse you electrochemistry. We had BM, and for once in a seemingly long time, my teacher was in a happy happy joy joy mood. I mean, she's in a lighter mood. (Y) AND for those who didn't attend today, your spots for Pidato/oral is 1-19 as the ones who DID attend got the later spots i.e 20-38. I got number 32 which means lama lama lama lama lagi. Dina got 30 so john, banyak masa lagi.
We thought during English, we'd continue our 3 week course of games & quizzes but we had to do a summary instead. So we did and we went home. OMG Pak Cik Ice Cream dah baliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik :') Hello to daily dose of Tropicana Ice Creams :') Hohohoho. I miss the indian fellow. 

Went to the library and there were times where I was so freakin mengantuk, I had to walk around to wake my body up. Pukul 6 tambah kurang, balik :o 

Tomorrow our test starts and I'll continue my fasting. 4 more days to ganti ! 

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