Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Damn, Can You Feel It

I've been fasting 2 days straight now, and 2 more to go. Then what ? A one day break and puasa begins. One of the reasons I slapped myself silly for hitting the snooze button a little to many times is to avoid chasing time. 

Was supposed to go to the library to read (not, 'brush up'. to actually read, read.) but felt unwell so I ditched the library for bed. :o
Bio was laughable. This is crazy, subjective questions dia macam istimewa. Susah la sial. I didn't like leaving the answer space empty despite not knowing it at all, so I had to come up with some crap that sounded smart. 

Modern Maths was just as shitty. I freakin' forgot how to combine statements to make it a true statement or a false statement. I think it's because I keep underestimating small topics and relatively easier than the others so I skip studying it altogether. Haiiiih. 

My number one reason explaining my hatred for monthly test : Time crunch. I know on hour is a lot but it's very nerve wrecking when you spend 5 minutes on a question knowing, there's only 55 more minutes to the rest. My watch decided to abandon me in my time of need, so I kept turning behind to check the time on Ila's watch. [Mental Note : Get new batteries for the watch.]
Tahu test je, but hells yeahs, I can't wait for it to end. But I'll attempt a go at studying even after this test so when end year rolls by (eek), I'd have back up so I won't have to cram everything in. Alright, John ? Alriiiight. 

This post is very unnecessary and should have been me studying Chemistry but hey, that's how I roll. Bak kata Aimi Farzana (via text) : 'Mampus ah test. I buat setakat yg I mampu. Hari ni tak belajar apa. Who cares, test je. Big deal. Screw test. Sebab I baru belajar seciput je. Why bother belajar gila gile bila I dah tau I tak kan sempat cover semua. Bnyk gila babi i tak belajar langsung.'

Yeah (y)

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