Saturday, August 22, 2009


  • State Of Play is good, I always have a soft spot for Rachel McAdams ever since my infatuation for the Notebook. 
  • G.I Joe is even better (Y)(Y) but after one action scene too many, one can possibly go deaf. 
  • I also reserved a dress at Topshop hahahahahaha still going back and forth on whether I should buy the beauty. Fits the body like a freakin glove. 
  • I want to watch Up and Harry Potter VI :/ 
  • My dad is turning 50 this Monday and we're having a kenduri buka puasa in conjunction with his birthday so I'm pretty pumped up for that.
  • Sunday is Jia Wen's do and I haven't bought her a present yet :/ She has repeatedly refused offers for presents and there is no one in the world who has not want a present and my mum (and grandmum) always tells me to never attend a birthday or anything without a present in hand. So Jia Wen, you like it or not, I'll get you a present.. somehow. 
  • Fasting starts today and I don't feel hungry. Hoorah. 
  • Sarah, Ila, Dina, Najihah, Suraya jom bukak puasa together gether. +Aimi pun boleh :') and Yus and everyone else tapi the other 5 tu kena datang. Date and place, I'm all yours ! It's been.. never since the 6 went out together.

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