Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fear Mediocrity

Today was good. Seeing how I'm not fasting, thanks to me monthly 'friend', OU was a bit easier to endure. Went to try out the relatively new salon adjacent to the Vincci store and was content with the result, so! Shall go there more often. (y) NOTE : This is just for blow dry, not for trim/cut/styling. For that, I only go to Creative Curlz at I don't know where it's called ? HEH. 
Went into Zara but as per usual came out empty handed because money was scarce and the Mother wasn't around to lend us a few bucks but then again, there wasn't much. Went to a couple of shops later and found a lot of things I wanted which is quite surprising seeing how I'm considered LUCKY to even find one goddamn thing in the whole mall. The whole paradox of Forever 21 is that the shop is always packed with clothes but there's always nothing for me. ALWAYS, only on rare occasions will there have one measly piece of garment. So frustrating but I'm always in there hoping to find anything mainly cause compared to the other typical stores, F21 is a hell lot cheaper. Bah.
Went in Topshop and found something I looiiiiiiike so I did what everyone else would do when short on cash, I reserved (ILA, dah second time k! (': ) in hopes my mum comes to the rescue tomorrow and pays it off hahahahaha ok moving on. Hunting for a patterned scarf (found one at Pull & Bear) and a brown leather belt just cause it's cool like that, both inspired from a shoot in Teen Vogue, September issue (speaking of September Issue, sumpah nak tengok movie tu). 
Found a blouse at FCUK which I like but price tag was coming close to overpriced. Ok, maybe it was overpriced. Ok, whatever. HAH. But it was purdy and it was in this cool shade of seaweed green (say whut?) but hey, twas cool and it had this whole sculpted shoulder going on so (Y). ALSO !!! There was this dress indistinguishable to that of Herve Leger's, colour to cut ! Damn son, that's the closest I've touched (and of course tried) a dress so similar. :') It even had the descending of monochrome shades going on. SUMPAH SAMA. If only there WAS a tree that grew money. Then I'd be rich because I got a big garden hahahahahha bodoh.
Watched some yoyo competition at the Ralph Lauren entrance and that was it. 
Oh, and I bought tickets for Up tomorrow with my sisters. Ho yeah after wanting to watch it for so long, finally ! 

I haven't eaten my dinner and for lunch, I had lemang seciput sikit gila so when I tried on the dress at Topshop, my stomach was flat heheheheheks. First time -.- Shall rummage around the kitchen to fill this stomach of mine. 

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