Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papa Turns 50 !

24th August, my dad turned half a century and we had a do for him at the house. In conjunction with his 50th, we also had a kenduri buka puasa so the house was full because Mama surprised him (with what he thought was only a relatives only affair) by inviting his old and new friends over so he had a great time, I can tell. I didn't get to eat the lamb :'( But the food was exceptionally good, I had two helping before devouring myself with the birthday cake later. (Y)(Y) The icing was and always will be my favourite part of the cake. There were terawikh prayers, lead by Ustaz Ahmad (yeah SMKTTDI punya hahaha, I was surprised he came!).
Met a pleasant lady hailing all the way from Wales who's apparently a student exchange for a doctorate and is occupying the Arshad's household. Baik gilaaaaaaaa :') 
Apa lagi ? There were so many kids running here and there screaming, the house seemed to double as a freakin nursery. Tapi takpe, the more the merrier kan ? I had a good time and the weather was good (Y) ! That's a first in the history of Zainudin parties ! Over exaggerating tapi something like that la, asyik hujan je before this so we were surprised Mother Nature became kind today. All in favour for Papa's 50th hahaha

Ok banyak lagi tapi dah lupa and besides bukan ada games pun, kenduri kut ! Besides praying, laugh eat borak borak borak, that was pretty much it. A humble affair but full of love !


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