Saturday, August 29, 2009

Edginess Is A Rush

Stills from the upcoming season

SUMPAH TAK BOLEH SABAR FOR GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 3 SIAL. I think Chuck/Blair have become my new favourite couple, I can't wait for their scenes. EEEEEEK. Everytime I think of the new season, I get all giddy, tak boleh sabar k, big huge fan ni :') Cepat la keluarrrrrrrrrrr. This makes me want to go to New York, read somewhere in the papers ada Gossip Girl Tour k?! With the whole trips to the famed Met stairs where Blair and her posse eat lunch and er.. tah ada la banyak lagi. Best gila omg omg omg omg. Forget Europe, New York la :') And I just realised how handsome Ed Westwick is. He has that bad boy charisma I've grown to fall in love for. But hellerrr, Chase lebih kurang handsome ok. But I don't think I can watch the show weekly, I'm so used to getting the whole season and watching it all at one go so I'd have to wait for quite a long time til I get mid season, max. I can't freaking wait, can you tell ?!
Nak buat baju ah, I <3 Gossip Girl
I even succeeded in making my mum a fan of the show, to the extent she's typed XOXO on some texts to me. Kan best kalau ada Gossip Girl merchandises, damn son, borong semua.

Ok I'm talking rubbish bye night !

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