Thursday, August 20, 2009

All Hail Retail

Physics was laughable. But considering I diverted most of my time doing +maths question, it was foretold that I'd have trouble answering the questions. I was stuck at the first objective question, I had to recall inertia padahal intertia la senang. I was surprised I've forgotten what inertia meant. And how to calculate momentum. SO devastating to know that you spent the morning imprinting the goddamned formula in your head to only completely dismiss it come paper. UGH

+Maths was just as bitchy. Log questions @#$%^& Again, I went blank. Padahal malam tu dah tahuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, and I was at the library devoting my time for +maths. It's either that or the questions in my exercise book is too easy ? AH WTH 
Shall vow to do more questions in the future so that come end year, I'd get used to the ass much of a question. 

Went out to Tony Roma's for a dinner sebab i) Mum's too lazy to cook ii) Kira last dinner out before puasa comes and dad will be too busy going to terawikh prayers iii) Rindu Kickin' Shrimp. HEHE
School tomorrow and then the week break, ah, how I miss waking up in the afternoon :') I need to pay my sleeping debts, thanks to these damned tests, it's long overdue and I can feel my body all exhausted. 

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