Friday, January 21, 2011


ALSO I created a new FB account because as I was about to upload my birthday photos, I got logged out for some reason. Turned out that my account was 'suspended due to suspicious activity'. Gah. Whatever lah. And then they told me to enter my mobile phone number in which I did and that they'd send me a confirmation code. You're supposed to receive it immediately but er.. I came up with nothing. And believe me when I say this; I spent practically the whole day googling on how to activate my account. Even changed my password and whatnot. Still came up empty. Debra then told me her friend got suspended too and 'til now hasn't been able to get into her Facebook.

I feel so sakit hati because I had like, a million and one birthday wishes on the other one and it makes me happy reading them all ! But oh well.

Been meaning to make a new e-mail (because my old one is too embarrassing to be sent out for future college/university references) so I did that and hence, my new Facebook account. Will be posting them photos up soon !


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