Tuesday, January 11, 2011



Spent my day today at Jia Wen's watching Paranormal Activity. I don't know why I even agreed in the first place. Haih. Ate Nando's. Came home and helped my mum bake lasagna for dinner. Haha it went well in my opinion 'cause I liked it. Watched Junior MasterChef Australia at Jia Wen's and was so ashamed that I can only cook.. maggi and fried egg and these kids know how to cook international dishes and I'm like say whut.

Birthday coming soon and I'm so excited to be turning 18 and I don't know why ! Hahaha. Maybe it's because I've been kinda looking forward to this period in life. I used to think 18 is so old ! A year and I'm done with teenage life. Time flies when you're having fun, yep yep. Loved my school years like none other. Seriously ! From kindergarten up to high school. LOVE. At one point, I was looking forward to go to school on holidays and couldn't wait for Monday to come during weekends. THAT much love.
K running from the topic. So yeah, birthday soon ! Having a party and all I really hope for on my 18th, is for my friends to come. My pass 2 birthdays, a lot couldn't come due to certain circumstances so like I said, nothing will make my day more for ALL of my friends to come :)

Hungry like crazy now gotta go find food.

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