Saturday, January 8, 2011

Friday and Sa'urday

  • Went to Sunway with Hafiz, Jia Wen, Ayesha, Brenda, Belinda, and Grace.
  • Ice skated -_______________- I hate it. Maybe second time round, I'll get used to it. I mean, it took me the LONGEST time to get the use of roller shoes. Which I miss like a hell lot.
  • Sakae Sushi for lunch !! Yay hehe. I still don't like Japanese food. I only make an exception for my unagi.
  • Walked around and the girls got their Japanese ice cream. Jia Wen's sesame seed ice cream is disgusting.
  • Tried on shoes at Charles and Keith and got a picture with Grace and Ayesha wearing sky scraper heels. Hafiz stood in between looking short.
  • Walked around Asian Avenue. Got a tee that says Fashionable Late which is me appropriate. And a photo album in the prettiest pink/purple at a lomo shop. SERIOUSLY DYING for a Mr Pink Diana F+ :'( Why must you be so expensive..
  • Found that jinjang Dreamworld-ish place. Only thing was that only 2 or so photo booths were working -______- Twins and Grace had left by then so it was just Ayesha, Jia Wen and Hafiz there. Took photos. Laughed so hard because the camera decided to snap on its own without any indication. Hahahaha.
  • Went home.. NOT.
  • Got super super lost and by the time we found civilization, it got late so we decided to grab dinner first. Parked at Ikea and walked to Curve and ended up eating dinner at Ikano. Had steamboat. DELISH
  • Jia Wen was being her crazy silly self and made us all laugh in the car. Ayesha too. Hilarious girls.
That was my Friday. I had looooooOOOOO000ads of fun ! Hoping form ore outings like these.


  • Went to Pavilion at 1.
  • Lunched at La Bodega. Favourite place to eat like, ever.
  • After stuffing myself with hot tapas, walked around. Got myself my early birthday present from Mum :') YAY for January !
  • Lot 10 so cool looking now !!!!!! Tak lah sangat, but the downstairs pretty awesome possum.
  • Passed by UNIQLO but was too lazy to go in.
  • Went to Le Meridien for Zidan's birthday dinner. Ate soooooooooooo much, I don't think I can think of food without barfing.
  • Came home and am so tired.
K that's all. WHY ISN'T ANYONE BLOGGING ANYMORE :'((((((((((((( @ila_mzmr @izzatiakhbar @rachaellooi @ashleyphh

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