Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Little Favourite Things

I got these all from here. I went 'OMG YES' at almost 80% of it. I'm pretty bored these days, it drives me nuts. First driving class tomorrow. Let's pray I don't embarrass myself and do something so cliche like hitting a cone or so help me God, Jia Wen's incident..........

Nothing really matters when you drink ice cold water when you're seriously thirsty. NOTHING.

I had one PERFECT pen for SPM. But the ink habis like crazy cepat. Not more than 2 days and it runs out. DAHLAH MASA SPM !!!!!!!!!!!! But, it's a pretty good pen.

Topshop OU baik :") Zara EVERYWHERE sombong gila nak mati, except for some of the guys there. Forever 21 hardly say their 'Thank You''s anymore. Kalau ya pun, so insincere. The akak dekat Party@World, Ikano, I LOVEE HER !! She's so nice. We end up talking even after paying. The people over at New York Deli are the nicest waiters you'll find anywhere ! Every time Hafiz and I go there, they recognize us and they're always smiley smiley. We end up tipping them.. well :) The girls at Diva are always nice, though sometimes a bit too eager but that's their job, I guess. Hmmmmmm, so yeah.

Makes my life THAT much easier :')

One of my favourite moments is when it literally HURTS to laugh. I can't remember when was the last time I LMAO but I miss it !

I've heard it once or twice and it just makes me the happiest girl in the universe ! :) My grandparents do it more, though hahaha

Because there aren't many left. I smile at people quite often because I know it makes ME that much happier and cheery when people smile at me. SMILE MORE, PEOPLE.

When I was a kid, I used to sleep with my mum and put my hand under HER pillow and then taking it out and putting it under again. Just 'cause it was cold. I love it.

I know the lines to The Notebook. Even took the time to write some of them down on my notepad ! LOL OBSESI. But seriously, BEST MOVIE EVAH.

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